About Us

Access Protocol is a specialist installation & service company for Nurse Call systems throughout Western Australia. At Access Protocol we have over 16 years of experience working in the Hospital, Specialist, Medical and Aged Care Facility industries.

Within this time, changing technologies, performance expectations, and the resulting system diversity, has resulted in the need for infinitely flexible sophisticated IP (Internet Protocol) systems in acute care environments, contrasting to more simplistic systems for more modest requirements – in smaller clinics & surgeries. Keeping up with these changes has been as important to us as our focus on providing the best solutions for our clients.

We cater for ALL Nurse Call requirements.

As a Nurse Call provider, we appreciate that many choose to utilise the robust alarm processing of Nurse Call notifications, to report a host of other required alarms.  

To facilitate seamless alarm distribution, while resolving separate operational difficulties, we design & install solutions for Infant Protection, Staff Duress, Asset Tracking, Wandering Patient and a host of other healthcare specific solutions that fully integrate with Nurse Call messaging.   

We also install and maintain the complementary technologies of:

  • Paging Systems
  • Smart Phone Interfaces
  • Staff Duress Systems
  • Wireless Callpoints
  • DECT phones
  • SMS Messaging Solutions
  • Wandering patient equipment
  • Infant protection systems
  • Access Control
  • Fire and Alarm system interfaces