“Otto” POE Controller

The Otto POE controller is a simple, cost effective, 8-input / 8-output controller.  Designed for Nurse Call and Dementia Monitoring systems; Offering on board control of various devices.  Otto can be used independently or with a new/existing head end server.

No Head End Required

Having control of devices natively on the board removes the requirement for often expensive head-end equipment and software, significantly reducing investment costs. 

In traditional head end applications, should the head end malfunction, the whole system is rendered inert until repaired or replaced.  Otto removes this issue by storing all programming information in non-volatile memory, ensuring only those devices connected are affected by a component failure.

Otto Features

  • 8 x Inputs – Alarm Priority (Call) and Cancel
  • 8 x Outputs – Can be used for Over Door Lights & Follow-me lights (on board configurable)
  • Compatible with:
    • Nurse Call Points (12v)
    • PIR’s
    • Reed Switches etc
  • 1 x Ethernet 10 Base-T port operating TCP and UDP protocols
  • Ability to send alarms direct to Austco IP-AN-PD1 and BestLite Annunciators
  • Compatible with Austco TACERA Server’s – sending alarm data directly into the server software in a similar fashion to IP-CCT Controllers
  • Supports the following Call Point Functions:
    • 3-Press Upgrade
    • Long Hold Upgrade
    • Staff Presence with automatic Priority upgrade and auto-cancellation of active alarms
    • Out of Bed:
      • Auto senses NO/NC contact (no need for an additional device e.g. falls monitor/receiver). 
      • Call Button Activates/Deactivates the pad. 
      • Cancel button – Single press (while alarm inactive) shows current status of c/p (active or inactive)
    • Cleaning Mode
  • Web Based Configuration
  • IP address Recovery button