Quattro Interface Module

The integration of disparate Low Voltage systems within different facility’s has become a critical component of all modern projects. Integrations may be designed in any number of ways, however, the end goal is always the same; To ensure the end-user has fast, efficient access to information, alarms and to communicate this information to the correct staff members.

Recent years have seen an increased reliance on server & software based integrations, with little to no focus on legacy systems, often making integrations overly complex, laborious and cost prohibitive.

The Access Protocol “Quattro Interface Module” or “QIM” is a stand-alone, hardware based, integration platform; designed to allow high-level interfacing between both modern and legacy low-voltage systems using protocols that are not natively supported.

Common systems requiring integration include Fire Panels, Security Systems, BMS, Inovonics, Nurse Call Systems, DECT & Wireless Telephony,
Paging etc. All systems have differing interfacing methods and protocols available.

  • Quatro Features
    • 4 Physical Ports:
      • 1 x Ethernet 10 Base-T port operating TCP and UDP protocols
      • 2 x RS232 ports working with ASCII or binary modes
      • 1 x RS485 port working with ASCII or binary modes
  • Available with 4 x Inputs/1 x Output or 4 x Inputs/4 x Outputs
  • Currently Supported Protocols:
    • Generic Ascii Text
    • TAP
    • Modbus
    • Inovonics
    • Polycom/Kirk/Multitone/Cobbs DECT Systems
  • Ability to manipulate alarm message prior to sending an output string
  • All physical port “common” pins are optically isolated from the power common
  • Each port can be set up as an input or output
  • Ports are easily configured via the supplied QIM software
  • QIM software also allows the user to view live incoming and outgoing communications on each input & output port.
  • Available in 3 physical formats:
    • 1RU Rack Mount Chassis
    • 1RU Rack Mount Chassis with space for 2 x Austco IP-CCT Controller cut-outs
    • Austco IP-HUB Mountable