Change has come…

Access Protocol has been a specialist Nurse Call contractor for in excess of twenty five years now.

From an electronics perspective, we have seen some huge gains in this time, and they include –

  • Superior lightening protection
  • PCB’s Resilient to temperature & moisture extremes
  • Quicker diagnostic abilities
  • Self-monitoring capacity

And we now have exponentially improved functionality, with these systems that are more flexible, remotely accessible and interface….. with almost anything.

I think we have come to expect this of all technology – yeah? Improved results, delivered for less money.

This was the primary driver for our shift in March 2020, to CareTech Nurse Call systems. Clients required solutions that were value-based, rather than investing in maintenance of inflexible legacy technology with escalating pricing.

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety and the arrival of the COVID pandemic, brought further challenges to healthcare facilities. Increased pressure was put on budgets with the need to improve care and improve infection control.

As we experience expectations to produce more – for less, I can see the growing trend for our systems to produce more meaningful data, and that data configured and distributed to improve care, reduce risk and aid strategic planning for future challenges.

Big challenges….but we’ve never been better equipped to provide innovative solutions to our client base.