Nurse Call Solutions

Solutions, Solutions, Solutions…..What is the right solution for you?

With more company’s providing “like-minded” services it can be difficult to decide on the right solution for you and your facility. It is an important choice to make as it will impact the facility in more ways than one.

Considering many of the Nurse Call Systems currently on the market have similar features and functionality, the question of “Which solution is right for me?” is now less relevant than the question of “Who is the right provider for me?”.

When deciding on the company you would like to work with there are factors other than Price that should be considered, such as:

  • Does this system meet accreditation and Australian Standards (AS 3811)?
  • Are you comparing Apples with Apples? – Dont feel embarrased by asking the hard hitting questions of each provider to ensure nothing has been excluded to get the price down
  • How much flexibility does the system allow? Eg Can additional call points be added easily? Wireless Pendant options? Duress? Wandering? Fall Prevention options?
  • What is the warranty on the system?
  • Can the service provider ensure a quality install and post-installation service?

Access Protocol is a company that prides itself on providing the RIGHT solution for you and not just a solution that “will do.” When assessing the right solution for you:

  • We come to you – We come to your site so we can see the premises for accurate measurements and “visual mapping” of requirements
  • Existing Systems – Can your existing systems be upgraded, modified or re-used?
  • Minimum Requirements – Setting the minimum standards/features you need to achieve out of the solution
  • The “Like-to-haves” – It is always important to discuss the things you would like to see if a solution exists
  • Budget – Do you have a budget you need to work within? We can tailor a solution to meet this budget to get you the best results
  • Future – Does your facility have any future plans that need to be considered or even can the system support new features when budgets permit?

Once deciding on the right solution for you there are further considerations that need to be addressed including:

  • After Sales Service
  • Warranty & Repairs
  • Support & Training
  • Site Documentation

Access Protocol addresses each and every point with you so that you can feel comfortable knowing you have selected the right company to support your facility.