CareTech IP Nurse Call

The CareTech IP system has been designed to highly flexible, robust and able to integrate with the most popular communication systems on the market, using industry standard protocols to protect your investment and deliver hassle-free, seamless convergence at an affordable price.

The CareTech IP Nurse Call System was developed to empower facilities with technology, information and communication.  This enhances the care delivery process with measurable improvements to your patients’ quality and experience of care.

Benefits and features you can expect to see are:

  1. TRUE IP connectivity to the bedhead. The CareTech IP Call Point can easily connect to a standard POE network switch, allowing static or dynamic IP addressing – Dont be fooled, many systems claiming to be IP are not as they seem
  2. All equipment compliant to national (AS3811) and international standards
  3. System & device monitoring and automatic fault detection
  4. Cat5/6 Cabling to all devices (including call points) for future proofing
  5. All Head end and control components installed in 19″ Server Communications Rack
  6. Real-Time Location Service (RTLS) sensors built-in to all standard Call points
  7. 3-Press Upgrade and Long-hold upgrade facilities
  8. Site-Wide Coverage for Staff and Resident\Patient Positional Duress, Wireless Call Points and Wireless Wandering Patient Sensors
  9. Remote access ability for fault diagnosis, re-programming, system updates etc
  10. Seamless integration and messaging to/from other systems (e.g. fire and security)
  11. Enhanced Reporting Tools to measure and benchmark productivity and quality with automated reports sent to emails
  12. Integration with existing databases (via sql, odbc, Power BI etc)
  13. Range of wired and wireless Fall Prevention Equipment